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Monday, June 27, 2011

Blast You Canada Post

Finally  Canada Post was forced to smarten up so I can  soon receive my wedding invitations, my fabulous new purse, and my gorgeous earrings. Commmmeeee ONNNNNN I am forced to rely on mail as I live out in the sticks, this little strike was not fun for the nerves. My wedding is in 2 months, I have to get those invitations out now. Thankfully I sent save the dates to most of my guests.  But it would be nice to get those invitations out.... tomorrow. I am almost in panic mode, I just want to be in my pretty dress, marrying my hunk of burning love and celebrating with our closest family and friends already!! On that note...

Check out my earrings I bought from Etsy's In Style Boutique :)

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  1. Ohh the earrings are beautiful!

    I tried mailing out something to someone in Canada a day before they went on strike.. so I still have it to mail and have to wait! I can only imagine how you feel!

    I wanted to also let you know I changed my blog name,
    hope you'll continue to follow!


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