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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vows to myself

I have been thinking non-stop of what my wedding vows to my fiance are going to consist of. I have compiled a list of things I want to include in my vows but I do not want to make it into a longwinded speech. I just need to keep it short and sweet, just like me ;) I have also made a list of vows to myself that I like to read to keep myself stress free.

Vows to me:

I will try not to be as sensitive as I normally am.

The people who matter the most to us will be at our big day, (except of course, J's grandparents and other family members that can't attend. They will all be missed very much) I will take the time to hug and truly enjoy every single person there.  This will be the only day where pretty much every single person we love will be in one room celebrating "us"! I am going to soak every bit of it up.

I will be me. I will dance crazily, I will drink, I will be loud, I will be relaxed, I will be goofy. I am not a princess, I am not Martha Stewart, I am not wealthy, I am not poised.

I will take in all of the LOVE

I will not worry about what other people think. I won't stress about all of the decor, order, or food. I will only think of how much we love everyone their and how lucky we are to have each and everyone of them in our lives.

I will not lose it, if the flowers are not what I expected.

Our wedding will reflect us, it will be random, unique, fun, and as informal as possible

I will not be concerned if people aren't dancing, or worrying if they are having a good time or not because J and I will be having the time of our lives!!!

Basically, I will NOT sweat the small stuff. I will enjoy every single second. :D

I promise me

26 DAYS!


  1. These are brilliant! And all so true. Your wedding day will be the most emotional, amazing day of your life. It was for me. My heart feels SO full when I think back to that day. I wish I could relive it! My husband and I are actually celebrating a year of marriage today and we just moved to Amsterdam Friday! :)

  2. I came here first, and what can I say?
    Well I can tell you're a really sweet person. All women, from early start to imagine what will be the big day is not it? It's just something magical, something we want. The dress, people, party, cake, flowers, all so lovely and beautiful. No matter to be rich or poor. Love is more than gold, and if it is to be happy why not be with our true love, right? I'm sure it will be a perfect wedding!
    And let me congratulate you for your votes, I think you have to enjoy every moment of happiness, because if we smile, what's wrong is unimportant. GOOD LUCK to your future!

    kiss, marlene ♥
    if you want You can take a look on my new blog!

  3. awww Jen, yes you are the sweetest! and I love you, and can barely wait to share this wonderful day with you... Can't guarantee that your Dad and I won't be a mess... Cause we will... I need to go shopping for waterproof mascara! I can't believe your big day is almost here! Can't wait!! xoxo

  4. these are perfect. you should also vow to sneak in a moment with just you and your hubby. take a walk or something. you're going to have an amazing day. cant wait to see the pics!

  5. Aw how sweet :) I bet you're getting so excited!


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