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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I think Willow is pretty lucky that she will always be living in nature as long as she is living with us. We have been grooming her since week one of her life to love and find peace in her beautiful surroundings. We spent almost everyday last summer at the beach and on hikes when I was pregnant and when she was born this continued. Now that it's getting nicer we have escaped hibernation and are so excited to watch Willow explore.

J had fun introducing her to different kinds of plants and trees that are slowly starting to blossom

The pups are extra smiley that they get to frolic about in the "warmth" and splash about in the lake.


  1. Your child is adorable!! So chubby and cute. Beautiful scenery too :)

  2. best possible life for a child! she is going to grow up so well adjusted, being always surrounded by nature...i can't think of anything better for the spirit. LOVE THIS!

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