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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Once When I Was Little

I think pets and little's are the best teachers out there. My "kids" have taught me so much about being a better person and each day I try to live my life a little more like them.

 No, I am not going to start eating dirt or pee on trees/myself or chase deer.

 I mean, be happy. Be so excited when you see something/someone you like. Enjoy life's little pleasures. Who cares if you get dirty? Or wet? Take naps when you're tired or atleast have some quiet time. Explore. Be curious. Be crazy, get real weird with it and who cares who is watching. Use your imagination. Love unconditionally. Why do we allow ourselves to hold grudges for years and years? Live each day at a time. Dream, dream BIG. Be empathetic.

It's so fun to watch our families & friends turn so childlike when they are around Willow. Their voices get higher, they laugh more, they play more and they just have a glow around them. So beautiful.

Yes, I get that if we all acted just like our kiddos the world just wouldn't work. I am just saying that people are waaaaaay too serious these days. We lose this playful nature somewhere, that nature that we all were born with. Society molds us into these all consuming blobs. We need to rekindle our relationships with that inner child that lives within all of us.

ps I must thank my parents for always promoting silliness to this day :)

As I was typing this post James Morrison - Once when I was little started playing on my I-Pod, I kid you not!!!! I instantly got the chills. Uhhhmmm couldn't be more fitting

I love watching these to run around the beach together. They love to explore and smell everything. Such little goofballs

Here is Timbit stalking a deer, keep dreaming big buddy
Willows eyes are always so full of wonder. I love exploring with her and teaching her new things. We have spent many hours digging in the dirt and burying tiny toes in the sand.

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  1. Well said! I just added that song to my playlist thanks.


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