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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mac Mother's Day

ohh boy oh boy did I ever have an extra special mothers day! We started the day off with a beautiful brunch with the whole fam. I am so lucky to have such fabulous mothers ( Grandma S was missed) in my life and was happy we got to celebrate with them. I felt extra lucky to be able to call myself a mother this year to such a sweet little babe. Ooooh she is precious.

After we filled our bellies we hung out at mom & dads soaking up the sun and quenching our thirst with some adult beverages and playing toss the Willow. She is definitely not deprived of attention EVER.

We then were revved up to go to the FLEETWOOD MAC concert!!!

And let me tell you they did NOT disappoint. Lindsey Buckingham is a beast on the guitar. He had me shaking my head in awe during a guitar solo and he totally brought me to tears. I have a creepy school girl crush on Mick Fleetwood. During the entire concert I kept thinking about how I want to wear "witchy clothes" just like Stevie Nicks and do bad ass poses all around town. I think she should retire her heels though as the poor gal was hobbling around the stage. And John McVie is such a cool cat in the background, such a legend.

I hope all my fellow mothers had a lovely day!! xoxo


  1. Happy mother's day to you too!! Love your girl's dress. So cute :)

  2. lucky! you got to see fleetwood mac! i think it's kinda obvious that i'm way inspired by stevie :)

    little willow looks like she had a great day, as well as all the mamas. it's so fun to have a baby who is always the center of attention, huh? you can always tell how secure and happy she is, just confident that she is the pivotal point of the universe! mine's the same way, which is why she always thinks strangers should notice her and wave to her!

  3. FANTASTIC DAY! Loved every minute of it!!!


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