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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Willow, (10 Months)

Dear Willow,

We feel this past month you have changed so much! Your mama started back at work a couple of times a week so you have been spending much more one on one time with dada. This past month the weather has been bonkers, one day we have snow, and the next we are outside with bare skin. Spring is finally here to stay now though (we hope).

At ten months...

- you are wearing 6-12 month & 12 month clothes

- You have been in size 3 diapers forever!

- You slept in until 9 a couple of times this month which was a total shocker and we were very appreciative!! 

- You are very strong

- You started crawling a couple of weeks ago

- You mimic everyone's facial expressions and sounds

-You put everything in your mouth. You are always trying to get to Lily's food before her

- Your favourite words are mama and dada, we LOVE that

- You have soooo many expressions, you are hilarious

- You don't sit still, we can't just plop you on the ground anymore. You are very fast too

- You have two bottom teeth and a couple top ones are trying to poke through

-  You felt grass for your first time

- You are very feisty. You know what you want, that is for sure

- You will eat anything, food is your most favourite thing

- You went to your first house concert last week

 We love you to the moon & back Willow Rae xoxoxoxo

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