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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Most of Willows friends live a couple of hours away so it's so nice to catch up with them whenever we go into town! It's fun to see the different little personalities and how much they have grown. It's also nice to hang out with other mom's and talk mom stuff :)

Willow & Grace

Grace, Willow & Carter

We are super lucky that another one of Willows friends lives only a half hour away. And yep, it's ridiculous, we have only really had one play date. This summer will surely change that. Chels and I will be strolling those babes to the beach daily :)

Kennedy & Willow

 I have a billion and ten pictures of Willow and her bff Finley from a weekend they came out waaaaaay back in February that I still need to post. How cute are these two?!

Finley & Willow

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  1. The last photo is too cute!!!!! Play dates are the best! So much fun and laughter :)


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