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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Let me fill you in on just how good of a dad/husband Jon is, yes I am totally bragging. He pops out of  bed at the first peep Willow makes in the morning, scoops her up and brings her to bed so I can feed her. Once I am finished he takes her out of bed so I can sleep in until whichever hour of the morning I please. I always have a coffee and a happy baby waiting for me in the living room once I drag my behind out of bed. For the rest of the day my duty is to play, cuddle, & feed Willow. Jon has taken full responsibility of cleaning (his specialty is vacuuming with his beloved Dyson), playing in his garage, cooking and cuddling Willow. At night he would sing Willow songs to try and get her to go back to sleep and gently caress her perfectly smooth face. Oh and he gives me a massage every single night to put me to sleep. Yep, we are the most spoiled girls I know. This routine went on for 7.5months. We are so lucky that his job provides him with such a long parental leave! He went back to work at the beginning of March and boy oh boy was that a rude awakening for all of us.

What?! Mom's have to wake up in the morning no matter how late they stayed up or tired they are as soon as the baby wakes? What?! You have to wait for the perfect window to have a shower? What?! Getting a baby ready to go out anywhere takes nearly an hour? What?! The house gets messy when you play with your baby all day long? What?! The dogs need to be taken outside on a leash? What?! I need to stoke the fire all day long? What?! You don't get to talk to an adult all day? What?! How do you work the oven :p? You get my drift. Most momma's have to do this on their own right from the start. Some even  have a second, third, fourth, fifth child to take care of. And single moms, I salute you. I can't imagine not having a break whenever you want one. I have a whole new respect for motherhood!!

This was a very hard adjustment for Jon too. He feels like he is missing out on so much being at work all day. He comes home so tired and only gets 2 hours with Willow. He makes up for the loss of play time in those two hours though. He feeds her, we go for a walk, he gives her a bath and then reads her a story before beddy bye.  I love watching him swoon over our baby.

Jon is the most hands on daddy I have ever met. I am so lucky to call him my husband and the father of our beautiful baby girl!!


  1. Aaawwww your husband does love ur baby girl a lot. And I know how difficult it is to look after a baby yourself, I've looked after mine while my hubby went to work and I was so tired everyday! Now our boy is 4, and he doesn't need us so much than before. And surprisingly, I miss those moments when he was so needy. :/

  2. that makes me love the canadian government... seven and a half months?! so awesome. darin is like that, so in love with his daughter and so very helpful. i wish daddies never had to go to work :( he does take her for me in the mornings though because he doesn't work till afternoon. isn't it crazy getting yourselves ready to go anywhere?! even just a trip to the store. i have thought that often, how do parents of many children DO IT?! anyway you guys are a lovely family :)


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