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Saturday, February 11, 2012

17 Weeks (and a couple of days)

This past week I haven't been feeling to hot. I had a headache for three days straight and had morning sickness everyday. Yesterday & today I feel AMAZING again, except I slept to much this past week and can't sleep now :p.

Size: The baby is about the size of your hand with your fingers spread open (give or take)

Symptoms: I started feeling my baby a couple of days ago. I thought I had to go poop, but nope it was just baby moving around in there. I've felt it only a handful of times so far. I can't wait until I can feel the babe more often. OHHHHH and how exciting will it be when J can feel kicks. Can't wait!!!

I have always had these little red dots on my body and face. I think they are popped blood vessels that pool and make a little dot. Well since I have been pregnant they have taken over my body. I really hope they go away after pregnancy. Otherwise I will be a red freak. My rosacea (self diagnosed) has been full blown since my wedding. I look like a rudolph. I need to invest in some gooooood foundation.

Nose bleeds are happening more frequently now. I now know to always have kleenex in the car because it's awful using whatever scrap paper you can scrounge up. 

Cravings: I want everything in my belly. I am actually getting tired of the actual act of chewing. This baby loves its food, even more than me! I will eat a full meal and then ten minutes later my belly is making the loudest sounds begging for more food even though I am not hungry. I will eat a banana and think I have satisfied the need and 20 minutes later my belly is screaming at me. Good thing my biggest craving is fruit, or we would be in trouble.

Weight: I have no idea what I weigh at the moment, but I am thinking it's quite a bit more then at my last appointment.

Oh and my hair isn't falling out anymore. Yaaaaaaayyyy!!! It's just falling out as much as it did pre-preg. Woop Woop

Almost half way there now & feeling fabulous! :D


  1. Thanks for the comment. you look so happy w/nice view in the photo. cute bumpy i know angel w/you take good care yourself always especially the baby.


  2. YOu look fabulous!! It's wonderful to be keeping a record of all the things that we forget so quickly once the baby comes!

    xo em

    1. Thank You! I find this blog so hand for that. Any special moments I start to forget, I can quickly refresh my memory by typing a few words. Wonderful

  3. You look gorgeous! Its fun reading your blog!

    1. Thank You Lauri!! I am in love with your little guy, it looks like you are enjoying motherhood immensely xo

  4. you look so great! i hear you with the nosebleed thing...i never used to get them and now it's an everyday occurance--so strange! my favorite is when the start at work, causing me to sit at my desk with one of those hot homemade nose tampons :)

  5. Very nice blog and , I like it! I follow with pleasure on Bloglovin (Google Friend Connect will soon be closed!) And if you have facebook or Google + can add me there! What do you think?
    I am waiting for your answer!

    1. sure thing, thanks for the comment :)


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