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Monday, February 20, 2012

18 Weeks

A couple of days ago I went for a walk with my girlfriend Catherine and her son Xzander. We knew the weather was warm but as soon as we got down to the beach we had to shed some layers.

18 weeks already?!? What the? This pregnancy is flying by.

Size: The baby is about the size of a pickle. I don't get why everyone talks about pregnant women craving pickles. I always have been a regular pickle eater (get your mind out the gutter) so I guess I don't notice any difference. I def don't want to eat pickles and  Seperately, yes

Moods: Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls... I am finally moody. I knew this day would come. J talking about houses all of the time annoys the shat out of me. Poor guy, he just wants us to be settled and living together in the same province again. But every time he wants to talk houses I snap and say "I LOVE NOVA SCOTIA!!!!" I am being so unfair and irrational. I also got so mad at him one day because I wanted to take photography and language classes online. When he said we needed to save up for the babe, I flipped and said "Ohhhhh sure, everything is about you. Let's just follow your stupid park dreams". Yep, I am being that girl. When I was driving to my friends house I had a "moment" with a fox. I felt like it was looking at my soul and I started hysterically bawling my face off. Then 5 minutes later, I saw a moose and I just continued to cry, screaming outloud "I live with NATURE, I love animals. So I would probably do that, pregnant or not, because I am obsessed with animals. J is lucky he is not living with this emotional wreck at the moment.

Symptoms: Itchy nipples and belly.

I occasionally get some slight cramping by my ovaries but apparently it's just your uterus stretching. Right now, it's as big as a cantaloupe.

I haven't felt the babe move in a couple of days :( I can't wait until I can feel baby moving most of the time. ( We get to see the babe via ultrasound in a couple of weeks, woooweee)

Barefeet in the sand, felt soooooo wonderful

If any of you pregnant mommas are looking for a good site go to It's been very helpful for me.


  1. Im in love the ocean. i miss it a lot...take care w/baby

  2. You look adorable! You are totally glowing in that bump picture!!

  3. So cute!! Sometimes barefoot and sand is the best thing ever!! Thank you for stopping by :)

  4. You are so flippin' cute! Where did you come from? I loved being pregnant and feeling the baby move. I'm a little jealous that you have your bare feet in the sand though.

    Thanks for your comment today! I love making new friends!

  5. You look adorable! Congratulations on your pregnancy :)

  6. You look great!!
    Congrats on your new journey!!


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