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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Updates: ONE WEEK and a half away!!!

So the two main reasons I haven't been blogging is because my camera is busted so I can't capture all of the fun things we have been doing and my life is consumed with wedding "stuff". I pretty much have everything ready to go, just a few loose odds and ends. I want to be all finished by Monday so I can enjoy all of our fabulous guests. J's parents get in on Sunday and his brother gets in Monday woooo hoooo. All of the other guests start trickling in right after. I will just keep you updated on what we have been up to.

I recently started having nasty weddmares. All I have been thinking about is the wedding and everynight I dream that something goes wrong. Last night I had my first sleepless night of probably many as I am way too excitied for everyone to get here. Seriously, way better then Christmas. :D

We finally have gotten some amazing summer weather, a little late, but I am so grateful it has finally arrived. I now have a hint of a tan to ensure I have some glowing skin on our big day :) wooo hoooo To fully enjoy the summer heat we bought some tubes to float down the river that flows down beside our house and into the ocean. So much freaking fun. We giggle like school kids the entire way down. This is so imporant to have fun with eachother before the wedding, rather then me constantly nagging at the poor man "WE NEED TO GET THIS DONE". At this point he probably just wants to marry me so I'll shut it with all of this wedding talk.

I recieved an amazing package all the way from New Zealand from my dear friend Claire. She can't make it to the wedding because it costs way too much money and she is going to school to be a nurse. She is going to be an amazing nurse at that and I am so proud of her. She was actually on J's and my first "date". We all watched a movie together in my parents basement, hahaha cute! It was that night J awkwardly kissed me like a 12 year old nervous boy at the door <3! Anyhow, the mobile picture doesn't do the fine gifts justice. Check out how thoughtful she is.

Enclosed in a beautiful "rose box" was some NZ treats, a hilarious/beautiful card with sweet words written inside, handemade lace gloves, adorable handmade bracelets for J and I, and Cranium! Thank You so much Cleaaar, I love you and will always treasure our friendship. xoxo

 J & I picked up our guestbook adirondack chairs. I was driving by a small town a couple of months ago and spotted these chairs for sale in someones yard. I was in a rush so I couldn't stop by to inquire. A few weeks ago I still had those beautiful chairs stuck in my head and and had to drive back to look for them. I knew it was a long shot asking this gentleman to make us two chairs in a few shorts weeks as he said he can't keep them stocked. They are his biggest sellers. He said well of course, I'll make them for you in a week. This man has a full time job and sells different kinds of lawn ornaments on the side. Ugh I love Cape Breton! We just went and picked them up yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL. He gave us a garden stone as a wedding gift and the price of the chairs were a steal. I wanted to do something different for the guest book, so we are going to get our friends and family to sign these chairs and then varnish them afterwards. So stoked.

My girlfriend Catherine invited me over for drinks the other night and after we enjoyed a couple of beverages she popped open some champagne and penises started to invade the room. She bought me a penis necklace, games, a bachelorette hat, an inflatable doll... all of the good stuff that every bride to be needs on a girls night out hahaha. We went to the dance afterwards and danced our bums off with more friends. Such a great night, thanks Cat! Love You

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  1. Just found your blog and had to comment! I'm from New Zealand and that's so funny - pineapple lumps, fruit bursts and cranium!! You got a good friend there, hooking you up with all the good stuff :) - Lizy


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