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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Willow, Willow, Willow

Obviously Willow and I have always been very close, she is my little girl, and we have that beautiful mother/daughter bond. But aiiiiii maybe I am just feeling guilty about this second babe, it seems these past couple of months we have formed an even bigger bond. One that I can't even put into words. Poor Jon is always the third wheel because my little sidekick and I are inseparable.

She finds this whole new baby thing pretty confusing. And I feel she knows the time is near as we have been getting everything ready for his arrival. So she has been extra sucky and acting out a bit, poor thing and us! I am anxious about how it will all pan out when he arrives. I know people have second, and third, and fourth, and fifth etc babies all of the time but I am just feeling so guilty that she won't be getting my undivided attention. I know everything will fall into place and work out but this is what I am feeling the most anxious about.

Here is a little update on our Willow:

-she is such a hilarious little goofball. She will do anything for a laugh. 

- Willow is very empathetic and sweet. Ill have a contraction and make an ooh sound and she will come racing over " are you ok my mama!?" With concern written all over her face. If someone is sad in a movie she will close her eyes or look away and tears will form in her eyes and she will say " are they happy now mama?" It's heartbreaking

- if she is throwing one of her terrible two tantrums, which happens a lot these days. The way we get her to stop crying is by asking her where happy Willow is. She will usually reply with " I happy now mama, daddy." 

- the way she says "chocolate chip cookies" is Jon and my most favourite thing ever. 

- she LOVES animals and is very gentle and sweet

-when she is really feeling a tune she tosses her head back, closes her eyes and gets right into it. 

- she is terrified of beeyahs and igers aka bears and tigers. And talks about them all of the time.

- going on bawks (walks) is her favourite pass time.

-she is still a little fashionista and is very particular about what she wears.

- as "girly" as she is, she isn't afraid to get dirty or throw down in a road hockey match. 

- she is very moody! One minute she is sad the next she is laughing hysterically. 

-still not picky with food but her appetitive has definitely slowed down a bit. 

- she loves a good snuggle. I don't know where she learned this new way of kissing but when she kisses you she likes to put both hands on your face and gives you a long long long kiss. If you wear glasses she will take them off, put them behind her back and give you a long long long kiss. Haha she is so passionate with everything she does. 

- Willow has a lot of boyfriends to play with so the minute she spots a little girl she copies everything that girl does. Willow is a big copy cat! 

- she finds beauty in every little thing 

- she loves makeup and looking at herself in the mirror. I don't know where she gets this from bc I never wear make up, because I am much too lazy. 

- she is a dancing queen. From the moment she wakes she is dancing, on her tippy toes of course, until she goes to bed. She also loves to sing.

- she tends to show Jon attitude. If she doesn't agree with what he says to her she says very sternly "No, Jonny, no"! Such a brat. 

- she does most of her pees on the potty, last week she started pooping in her hand rather than her pull up. Soooo nasty. She has been really good this week for using the toilet, thank god 

- she is obsessed with mermaids

- she doesn't stop moving, ever. She is such a busy body. 

- daddy puts her to bed every night and they have a ritual of a couple of books, red light green light, and two songs.

- she loves naps and will put herself down when she is ready. 

- she is exactly like me which scares the poop out of Jon. Jon cannot wait for this boy in hopes that he will be his partner in crime. It's fun for me to have a mini-me because all we do is laugh.


  1. She's so incredibly beautiful. And like I've said before, I sooooo feel ya! It will all be wonderful and Willow will be so happy to be a sister but it takes time and patience and lots and lots of love. xoxo sending good vibes from afar!

  2. The light in that last picture is amazing.
    And man, oh, man, I am so with you about feeling afraid/ nervous about change. every time we add a new person to the mix I wonder if it will be as wonderful. It always is.


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