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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

38/39/40/41 Weeks Pregnant

(I wrote this on Dec.23rd, the day before I    gave birth)

Well ladies and gentleman, boys and girls.... I am still pregnant. My intuition for pregnancy totally blows. I thought this babe was going to be an early one as I am so huge but no such luck! We arrived at our cabin at 37 1/2 ish weeks and everyone was telling me I was crazy for leaving town so late. I was pretty nervous myself as I wasn't prepared to give birth in the car on a mountain with no cell service. So I had a wee bit of anxiety until we arrived at our cabin where there are services.

When we first arrived I was so stoked and at ease. The cabin is a teeny tiny one bedroom, one bath and everything else is jammed into the main living area. It's very cozy and charming and being right on the water isn't so bad either. The first week I soaked up the salty air, took a lot of pictures, kept Willow super busy, it was perfect. My mom arrived the second week we were here and took over Willow duty. My mom is staying at a friends place who is out of town which has worked out really well! 

My due date which was Dec.15th-20th so my due "week" has come and gone. Daddio arrived on the 16th so I was happy the babe didn't come before then. But sheesh he has been here for over a week, you can come out anytime baby! 

I am slowly losing my mind. I had even said a couple of weeks back to my midwife that I felt sorry for women who go past their due dates and that waiting game must be so hard. Aw man, what a way to jinx myself haha. I think the waiting game wouldn't be so bad if I was at my own house, with a little more space to myself. 

I am not normally a negative Nancy but I am over being pregnant. I feel like my body was just not made for this big of a baby. My pelvis is so sore so walking very far is out of the question. And my skin honestly will not stretch anymore without ripping. I loaded on bio oil the other day and I broke out in hives all over my belly which has made me even more itchy. Sleep, what is that? My body won't allow me to rest as I have been having contractions for the past week that wake me and my bladder is also guilty for this as well. I know this will all be worth it in the end and those newborn snuggles will be just the best ever! 

Please baby come out soon before your momma goes crrrraaazzzyyy.

I am really hoping this will be my very last pregnancy picture!! 


  1. I bet that was indeed your last pregnancy pic! It looks like your belly had dropped alright. Can't wait to hear about the birth and see more pics of your precious new bundle!!! Hooray!!! they do come after all, even if it feels like forever at the end!

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