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Friday, November 28, 2014

37 Weeks

I am going to be meeting my guy soon! I officially finished work on Tuesday which made it a little bit more real that I get to spend all of my days and nights with not one but two precious little ones.

When we get to our cabin we are staying in we will decide if we are going to do a "home" birth or hospital birth. I know I forsure want to labour in a bath so I can relax as much as possible during my contractions. We will go for a hospital tour and then decide from there. 

Symptoms: My skin won't stretch any further without those lovely little marks popping out. I lucked out with Willow and didn't get any stretch marks but this little guy is not letting me get away scot-free! 

Some days I want to eat my face off and other days I have to force myself to eat something. 

I am getting more Braxton hicks contractions. 

I am nesting big time. I have everything for the babe washed and ready! 

Movements: He isn't moving as much as he used to. There just isn't enough room for him to do his ninja moves. When he does do a little stretch it feels like he is going to bust through my skin. 

Cravings: Icey gingerale, Icey water, juicy grapes 

Weight gain: last week I was up 21lbs. And he was measuring at 32.5 weeks. Totally shocking news as I thought I was measuring bigger than what I should be. 

Sleep: I am restless at night but my naps are still amazing! 

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