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Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Love My Body

I have been following my beautiful blog friend Heather for awhile now. We got pregnant around the same time, had sweet little baby girls around the same time and are now enjoying life & motherhood together in blog land. Check out her blog at Moonshine Junkyard and check out her beautiful babe Lucy. Does she not look like Willow? I think they look & from what I read, act so similar. I love it.

Anyhow I was catching up on her latest posts when I read one that I could totally relate too. In fact I had a post saved in my own drafts that I hadn't finished which was on this exact same topic... Body Image.

It all stemmed from when I was in the bathroom last week standing in front of the mirror bare nudie. I was standing sideways and sucking in. Just wishing those 8 extra lbs would melt away already. As I was poking and prodding at my bod with disgust my little Willow was staring up at me watching this. I was absolutely horrified! I quickly put on my towel, scooped her up and started singing and dancing. My goal in life is to be a great role model to my children and in that instant I felt like I failed. Luckily she is so small and will never remember such a thing but I will always have that moment in the back of my mind. I want my Willow to have a positive body image. I want her to grow up to be a confident, strong, and positive woman no matter what shape or size she is. I want her to learn this from me. Us woman are far to hard on ourselves. It's disgusting actually. Womens bodies are absolutely gorgeous and we come in all shapes and sizes. 

I do love my body and self and feel the exact same way as Heather. Read her post HERE

PS How much do we love Doves social mission?! So nice to see a company empowering girls & woman. Heck yeah I am going to buy more of their soap!


  1. I want to say how badly I wish I ONLY had 8 lbs left to lose after becoming a mama 16 long months ago, but that would be self pity and that's not the message of this post! Very good point. I don't mope around or complain about my body often, but I do make jokes about it from time to time without even realizing that our daughters hear and soak up everything we say. I love Dove for being all about real beauty, I wish more major companies would do the same!

  2. Love this post. Really important that we have a good self-body image for your children. Being sexy, and feeling sexy, is all in our minds! ;)

  3. thanks for the link sister!!! yeah, it is seriously vital to create positive role models for our little girls about bodies. and now that darin has heard about (he doesn't really READ my blog) my post, anytime he hears me say anything he reminds me, I LOVE MY BODY! i am not allowed to whine about the extra pounds now that i've publicly declared my mission ;)

    and just for the record, i think you look PERFECT!!! like, seriously.


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