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Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear Willow, (9 Months)

Dear Willow,

Nine months? You are growing up way to fast! We spent a lot of time at home this month. We are totally getting shack whacky here in Manitoba. The weather is getting seriously depressing. We are going to have so much fun when this snow clears and we can hang at the beach everyday!

At nine months...

- You have two bottom teeth

- You are still wearing the same size of clothes as last month. 6-12 month and some 12 months.

- Size 9 month onesies

- Size 3 diapers

- You make the most ridiculous faces now. I think we promote them by laughing at you so you do them all of the time. You are such a ham

- You LOVE food. You like absolutely everything we give you. Peas, pears, and cheerios seem to be your favourite though. You grunt when we don't feed you fast enough

-  When are you going to be a good sleeper at night?! We had a rough week this past week. I think it may be from another tooth trying to pop through. You SCREAM at night and we can't do much to calm you.

- You crawl backwards and roll around to get around

- You have such a big personality. You're feisty, hilarious, goofy, aggressive, and happy

-  You take little steps with your walker and are very proud when you do so

- You always are slamming your heels into the ground. You have done this for quite sometime. I always think you are going to really hurt yourself but it doesn't even phase you

- You are a busy body, you always want to be on the move

- You love books

- When you are tired or mad your "unibrow" turns bright red. You also pull at your ear when your tired or hungry.

- You love Lily so much. You always stare at her and squeal

You love touch and feel books the best!

Typical crazy Willow face

Those legs!

We love to the moon & back Willow Rae xoxox


  1. Such a sweet post! Happy 9 months to your baby girl :)

  2. Love her faces!! They're growing so quickly!

  3. she is SO DANG ADORABLE!!! i love her sense of humor. what an absolute doll. once again i can't believe the similarities between her and lucy. lucy is also a very good happy baby but harder at NIGHT, ugh. she still wakes up many times a night, not screaming exactly but definitely crying. she also has two teeth, loves all food and books, and has those irresistible thigh rolls :) happy nine months

  4. Hi Jenna! Just hopped over from Justin and Marcie's blog and your header picture just cracked me up! Willow has the most adorable faces ever! Happy 9 months to her and yeah for good eaters! It's such a blessing not having to fight eating, right?! Anyway, love the blog! Hope you stop by and say hi!

  5. ha! shack whacky, i've never heard that one before!! so funny!! hopefully it warms up for you soon :) happy 9 months to your little beauty!! i cannot believe how fast they grow. we're right behind you... almost 9 months with one tooth. oh these precious babies!


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