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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tulum & Xel-Ha

We saved one day to be tourists and do the extra touristy things like visit the ruins in Tulum and spent the rest of the day in the extra clear water at Xel-Ha. I wasn't feeling all that great and the hot Caribbean heat didn't make me feel any better. So I didn't really listen to too much at the Tulum tour but what I did get out of it was we were visiting a place where sacrifices went down. What also stuck in my head was the upper class Mayans would try to improve the appearance of their children as infants. A bulbous skull was a thing of beauty and status. So they would squish the babes head with boards to achieve this desired look. As well as make their babies cross eyed by placing an object in front of their nose so the babe would focus on it all day long. Poor little babes!! Also a reason the Mayans are so short is because of the water they drank. There was so much calcium in the water from the cenotes that it would make their bones to big to grow longer. The Mayans we very short but very strong. There are your Mayan fun facts for the day.


Breastfeeding on the fly

How amazing is that water?!

Willow din't like the water at first as it was too cold. Once she got used to it she was splashing and kicking about

Parents of the year ;)


  1. Looks like everyone had a blast! Your daughter is really brave to swim/play in the water. :D

  2. i spent some time in mexico several years ago, playa del carmen, tulum, and chetumal. i never went to xel-ha but i did swim in a gorgeous cenote further south. your posts are really taking me back to my time there and i am now officially obsessed with the idea of taking my little fam down there! i even speak some decent spanish. i want to stay in palapa on the beach, ooh me oh my, so dreamy. thanks for the little virtual vacation :)


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