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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Plus 10

I don't mean to toot my own horn here but you are reading the blog of an animal whisperer. I am soooo good at spotting wild animals and am overly obsessed with them and could watch them forever. Don't be confused though, as much as I love them, I am totally scared out of my mind of them. I would not want to be walking by myself and see a lynx, cougar, wolf, bear, coyote or any other type of carnivorous animal of the wild type. I would totally panic and probably pee in my pants. I live in a National Park and probably always will, I need to get over this fear of being by myself outside. I seriously am terrified of letting my dogs out at night. Embarrassing, I know. There is something about Moose though. They don't freak me out. Maybe it's because I see them more than any other animal (besides deer). I probably should be scared of them as I witnessed one charge J in our front yard and have heard some pretty freaky stories of others being charged, but Moose are my homies. I am in love.

J & I have a pretty nerdy wicked competition going on. We have a point system for who sees a wild animal first. I was kicking his hiney harrrrd. Until this day....

I spotted this beauty from afar. She was spooked easily and ran into the forest pretty quickly. Either way she was considered a plus two.

And then it wasn't even a minute later when J said "Shhhhh, look".

And this beauty was watching us while soaking in the sun.
 She did not even flinch when she saw us. She was soaking up that warm sun and chomping on her sweet cud, right beside us!

J definitely got a plus 10 for this find. Ugh he is in the lead.

Yes, this is how you must keep yourself entertained when you see more animals than people on a regular basis. ;P

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