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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Condo Living

The condo we stayed in at Puerto Morelos was un-freaking-believable. Our place was ground level & right on the beach. It was so handy for Willow as we could just zip in the condo if we needed anything for her. I think staying in a place like that with a 6 month old is the best. I couldn't imagine staying in a huge resort with her, I think it would be way to hectic and so inconvenient. The condo had 3 bathrooms, a living room, a full kitchen & two bedrooms. Very comfortable living for the week

A hammock on our porch
A beautiful infinity pool to play in

The salty sea to splash around in

Sand to squish our toes in

A big comfy bed to spy on the boys

Caught! Hi Grandpa & Daddy
The best shower ever!
The best condo! Mom & Dads room is on the left, the shower is in the middle and J, Willow and my room on the right.

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