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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Visits

Willow had so much fun being cuddled, adored and loved by her Grandparents and Auntie this past week. We have had such a fabulous summer and of course the weather wasn't the greatest when they came out. We got a few good days in there so spent them at our fave place... the beach! Willow was pretty spoiled and didn't spend much time not being held. They had to get all of there Willow snuggles in, in one week and Willz loved it! We loved having them here. We had a great visit, they not only spoiled Willow the spoiled us too. We had dinners cooked for us, walls painted, and laundry done, we have it pretty good!

I am totally bummed that my camera is being repaired over the next month. I have and will be borrowing everyone elses. I feel so lost!

Adoring their granddaughter <3

Willow wearing her first bathing suit given to her by Aunt Rosie

Proud Grandparents

Uncle John & Aunt Rosie came up for the weekend for some snuggle time

Auntie Christana


Willow & daddy . Her first "hike"

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  1. She's getting to be such a little chunker! How adorable!


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