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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dear Willow (One Month)

Dear Willow,

You are one whole month today! Time is flying by, I am loving every single second we spend together. Well you really could sleep more at night, I would love that a whole lot more. I have never felt more proud of anything. You are daddy and mama's whole world. Thank you for bringing us so much joy and love. You sure are teaching us a lot and we in return hope to teach you even more! Here is what we know about you thus far.

- You LOVE sleeping on mama and/or daddy's chest
- You recently found mama's hair and you love to give it a good tug
- Your head is so strong, you like looking up at us with your big blue eyes
- At 3am you don't like nursing on mama's boob, mom always has to pump for your early morning feed. Otherwise you get too frustrated.
-At 6:00am you won't go back in your bassinet without crying your sweet little face off so you sleep in between mama and daddy.
- You have had a very strong grip since day one
- You like to pee when we open your diaper up
- You are wearing 0-3/3 month clothing
- You don't like daddy kisses as much when he has prickles on his face
- The sound of the ocean at the beach puts you to sleep
- You love to study your mama and daddy's face.
- You fart all of the time
- You sound like a dolphin or a goat
- You have a signature look... the kissy face
- You sleep with your eyes open most of the time
- You recently decided you don't like sleeping at night anymore. 
- You love bath time and you look incredible cute in your little tub
 - You cross your eyes when you are trying to focus and you look pretty cute and silly

We love you to the moon and back Willow Rae xoxoxo


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