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Friday, August 3, 2012

Visits With Family.

All of Willows family lives out west except for a couple of second cousins and great Aunts and Uncles that live in Halifax. So she was soooo excited when her Great Grandma (who prefers to be called Nana) and her Grandma (who has earned the name Glama) flew out to meet her the day she got out of the hospital. They stayed for a whole week and helped cook, clean and cuddle Willow... it was fabulous! J and Glams would fight over who would get to hold her after she nursed. Wills was happy to be tossed around and given a 1000 smooches. She gets to meet her Grandma & Grandpa Hopkins and Auntie Christana in just two weeks! She is so excited to meet them in real life (rather than skype).

Here are some pictures from Glama & Nana's visit
Glama And Willow

My momma and daughter

Nana And Willow

Four Generations <3


  1. Love the pictures! Willow is adorable!!

  2. wow you come from a line of gorgeous women! how sweet that they came to stay with you...all four of you look so happy and comfortable together in that last photo. willow is a very blessed little babe to have such a great team of women to welcome her! hope all is going well in your newbornland!

  3. Awww love the pictures!!! Four generations...what a blessing!


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