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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birth Story Part 3

Birth Story Part 3

I had been in labor for 13.5 hours and the time had come to push with all my might. During the first sets of contractions I felt like I was doing it all wrong and not pushing "right". This didn't last long because I could feel the babe slowly moving lower and lower. Also, I am totally one of those people that needs to be praised so when the doctor and nurse told me how well I was doing and that I was a natural, the little teachers pet in me glowed. I wanted to show them I was the best damn pusher on this planet :p.  I loved the feeling of my body telling my brain to push at each contraction and then pushing with all my might. In the crazy state I was in I will never forget how in awe I was of my own body. I felt on top of the world, which is kind of crazy because you are feeling pain, pooping, peeing, sweating, and are totally vulnerable. But I had a goal and that was to introduce the most precious little being in my and J's life to our little world.

I had a thing about raising my hands into the sky when the contractions were at there peak. At one point I lifted them up so high I ripped the iv out of my hand and blood started pouring out. No one noticed and I couldn't seem to get the words out. Finally J noticed after me flailing my hand in his face saying "'s out... I'm bleeding" and he and the nurse put it back in. He said he really liked feeling needed then, because it is true the poor dad just sits there and feels helpless. So he was happy to help when he could. He did in fact help in more ways than he realizes. Just him being there by my side the entire time meant the world to me. Although I did yell at him once. He was doing the "push countdown" like a drill sargeant. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 at what seemed to be at the top of his lungs. I politely said "Would you shutup? You are too loud" he continued with light countdowns which I appreciated. I remember him being so excited to see her hair when her head was making it's first appearance. The excitement in his voice is something I wish I could have on tape and press repeat. It was way too sweet.

The pushing part seemed to fly by. It took just under an hour, I think 52min. The crowning of the head didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and people say the shoulders hurt a lot too but the doctor helped pop them out of there. It really isn't as scary and painful as everyone makes it out to be. Would I do it again tomorrow? No! It's not that easy, but the reward at the end makes it allllll worth it. J told me he was panicked when her head was coming out because it looked like a long skinny eggplant and than it just kind of popped into a normal shape when it was fully out. He said the whole birthing process was a life changing experience for him.

 J's intuition was right, I was shocked when he finally announced it was a girl. When she came out he said "IT'S A BOY, IT'S A GIRL, IT'S A BOY". The doctor quickly corrected him and told him it was a girl haha. I thought the whole time I was definitely having a little boy. What a sweet surprise!

 I would like to introduce WILLOW RAE HOPKINS!!
6lbs14oz & 19inches of pure perfection
I am so over the top happy about how my labor and delivery went. Right after Willow entered the world she was put on my chest and it was instant utopia. I was able to cuddle and love her with every ounce of energy I had left. She started breastfeeding right away and then the nurse and J took her to weigh her and check her and brought her right back to my chest. The only downfall of the entire experience is I did tear and require 4 stitches. I tore at a different spot which my dr didn't want to stitch as it would be waaay to sensitive. That was not fun. After I gave birth my eyes immediately turned to slits, they had never felt so heavy in my entire life. I also popped blood vessels from  pushing with my face, whoops! But, wow, what an experience. She is totally a J Jr. Every face that Willow makes I see J in her. She is too precious for words, we are soooo in love.

Pretty alert for a babe that's only a few hours old!


  1. Just beautiful...perhaps one of the best birth stories! Thanks for put my mind at rare about a lot of my soon to be birthing experience!! And her
    Name is just precious!!

  2. OMG! YAY! :) She's so gorgeous!!

  3. love her name!!! welcome willow! ps--i tore "up" too, yowza!

  4. What a beautiful, precious baby :) Thanks for sharing her with us :)

  5. What a beautiful name! I absolutely love your birth story! Incredible! And she is a beauty!

  6. ok, i cried. you did it! you're amazing! such a great story, thanks for sharing and congrats again on baby girl willow! xoxo


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