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Thursday, July 5, 2012

38 Weeks

I didn't realize my eyes were half shut until I saw this on the computer. Woopsies
2 more weeks...
I can't even believe a whole week passed since my last post!!! I am getting HUGE

Size: Baby is as long as a leek, approx more than 19 1/2 inches long. Weighing at nearly 7lbs.

Weight: I gained a pound since last week. I am now up 32lbs...eeeek!

Heartbeat: The babies heartbeat was the same as last week, in the 140's.

Stretch Marks: I got a couple more on my hips this week.

Movements: Still a lot of movements, very BIG and slow. Watching the baby move around in my belly never gets old. Well that's not true, rib shots and cervix bumps don't feel so great, but everything else is amazing :) I was sitting outside enjoying the sun and J put a ice cold drink on my belly and baby went crazy!! It moved to the opposite side of my body and wouldn't stop kicking me.

Symptoms: A lot of cramping and pressure on my pelvis. It feels like the baby is trying to torpedo its way out sometimes. Peeing every 20 minutes. My belly touches my legs when I sit and my boobs rest on my belly. Very tired most of the time. My right boob is leaking quite a bit, I thought it was cool at first but now it's not so cool haha. My boobs and nipples are pretty sore, I can only imagine how they will feel when the milk comes in! I am kind of nervous about breastfeeding because I have very sensitive nips. I will try my darndest to power through!!!

J says he doesn't think I'll ever go into labor. He and I thought I would be much more crotchety and miserable. haha He constantly tells me I don't seem pregnant and than I flash him my belly and he says "Oh yeah"
Cravings: Why have I only just now discovered Wunderbar ice cream?! Ohhh myyy is it ever delectable. Pink lemonade and chocolate.

I had my first taste of fast food since I have been pregnant. Not going to lie, it tasted pretty good.

J has been awesome. Back rubs, foot rubs and shhhh don't tell him I told you but he even gave me a pedicure. We are both soooo excited to meet this little mixture of us. The waiting game is testing our patience that's for sure!! We finally have everything ready for the little one. Commmeee onnn baby!!!


  1. You look amazing! I can't wait for baby to get here and hear all about it!

  2. You look incredible! That color is amazing on you! Loving your baby bump!

  3. You look wonderful!!!! 2 weeks how exciting!!!

  4. you're looking glorious! i think 32 pounds sounds dreamy...went a little past that myself ;)

    i can't wait to see your baby!!! it has been really fun to keep up with your blog as we both wait for our new additions. soooo curious to see if yours comes early or late, and whether it's a boy or girl, and to see that face that is bound to be incredibly adorable!

    i wrote a nice long comment on your last post a few days ago but seem to have lost it. well anyway, my best thoughts and wishes are with you all right now!!!

  5. Your boobs will get used to nursing, don't worry ;)
    They do hurt for a little bit though. Not gonna lie!

    I think you look amazing girl!

  6. You look so cute!! Love that green dress!! :)

  7. You look great! I'm one week ahead of you and this waiting game sure is testing my patience! haha! With every twinge or pain I wonder if it's going to set me into labor :) Best wishes for the next few weeks and hopefully you'll be meeting your sweet baby soon!

  8. You're so close!! :) Love the maxi cute!

  9. Ohhhh you look beauuuutiful! Wow! Kelowna is gorgeous, our hotel is insane... Taking lots of pics- so you'll see soon!

    I can't wait to be a momma- you look so natural and glowing! Good luck!!!

  10. wow you are so close, and looking gorgeous! p.s. cape breton?!? How cool! I've always wanted to go to the maritimes. Someday...

  11. you look fabulous!! almost there!

  12. You look great! You're a trooper for doing the gender surprise, I don't think I could take it (at least for my first). How exciting :)

  13. Oh wow so are too cute!

  14. Hahaha LOVE THIS. So many memories it brought back...and I am going to have to try those ice cream bars next time! Very cute blog.

  15. I just read your birth story posts (I love birth stories!) and it looks like I had my little guy Cedar just before you gave birth to Willow. Your labor photos are great ~ Congratulations on a beautiful little girl! :)


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