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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

35 Years

 J comes from an amazing family. A good reason I am so in love with him is because he was taught how to treat a woman with dignity and respect. He learned that from these fine folks! J & I have have great role models to look up to. :) 35 years is quite the accomplishment these days!!

Happy 35th Anniversary Bob & Lorraine!!!! (yesterday) 

J & I with out parents (we didn't get a picture with just J, his parents and I)

J & his fabulous parents


  1. How special. Congratulations to your in-laws! :)

  2. That's beautiful...congrats! I love having examples like this.

  3. How lovely! My parents have been together for 38 years and I just love seeing how you two people can make a marriage work and remain in love over the years...just as your mother and father-in-law have! Congrats to them! :)


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