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Thursday, May 31, 2012

33 Weeks!!

My first awkward vlog post


  1. yay you look so good! i love watching these vlogs, though i'll probably never have the guts (or know how) to do one myself! but, you are exactly how i imagined you to be (that's not weird or anything, right?! ha!) we would so be friends in real life :) and i can't believe you almost hit a moose...crazy!

  2. You look so great Jen! Thank you for that post, makes me feel like I can almost reach out & rub that belly of yours! Couldn't be more excited for you guys, your going to be amazing parents! I love you and miss you very much xoxo

  3. Great to see you, and hear your voice, you look amazing

  4. You look amazing at 33 weeks! This post reminds me of the famous scene in Annie Hall!!


  5. oh man you are so gorgeous! and that belly looks fantastic! i feel like i am three times as huge as you, but mostly i am talking about butt and hips ;) mine are enormous....they were already big, didn't need to grow anymore to support this belly, but they sure went ahead and grew anyway. i love hearing about your baby's movements; mine are so sporadic and never really correspond to my pokes and prods, but very very sweet nevertheless. also that moose story is CRAZY. i love picturing what those wild northernlands must be like where you live. you are so brave to stay home without your hubby for weeks at a time. i bet you are sooooo happy and comforted when he's home. i was thinking boy for you but now i'm kinda thinking girl. we shall soon see!!! congrats on your first vlog, i thought it was a raging success :)

  6. WOW, I just saw this now! I just have to say a few things:

    a) You look so amazingly gorgeous in this video blog, or volg (better get in with the lingo)! I couldn't help but stare the whole time!

    b) I miss you so much, I found myself captivated and staring into your eyes the entire time! Well until the belly came out!

    c) You will be such an amazing mom, I knew this the whole time. It is so beautiful the way you glow when you talk about the baby!

    d) You are very very talented at this whole blog vlog thing, I couldn't even hope to be this good! Keep up the posts!

    e) I miss you like crazy, very soon will I be home with you where I want and need to be so badly!

    I know times are tough for the next couple weeks but I will be there after this for good! Miss and love you so much babe, xox



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