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Sunday, May 20, 2012

31 1/2 Weeks

Woops, I forgot to do my 31 week post and I am almost 32 weeks. I am such a dork and forgot to bring my memory card to a fabulous wedding I attended last night. I will do a post about the wedding when I get some pictures sent to me :) I took some terrible belly shots with my cell...
I was hoping I would grow a little bit of a booty in this pregnancy haha but no such luck.
I was giving a thumbs up, not flexing my huge pipes :p

 Weight: Baby weighs as much as four navel oranges, approximately 3.3lbs and is over 16 inches long.

Symptoms: Nothing has really changed here except I am getting more and more red dots on my body. I will post a picture in my next post.
 I find I make a hideous grunting sound when I bend over to pick something up haha That started happening a few weeks back now. :p It hurts and is awkward to bend over.

Movements: The baby isn't moving around as much as before. I guess there isn't as much room anymore for the babe to do wacky dance moves like the worm. But when the babe does move I feel very strong pokes and prods (I think of the baby doing the Elaine dance off of Seinfeld) When the baby does stick out a foot or a bum or whatever is sticking out of my belly I just poke it and it moves away. Soooo crazy.

Sleep: I wake up at 5:30AM every morning to pee and stretch. I don't usually go to be until 1:00AM.

Stretch Marks: None to report yet.

Yesterday I got spoiled at the spa and got a pedicure. It is becoming almost impossible to paint and cut my toenails. So what a luxury that was!!

I felt so bad as J scheduled his flight around my Dr.s appointment on Wednesday. I had told him my appointment was at 1:40 so he scheduled a flight for 4:00. It's an 1 1/2 drive to get to my Dr.s
so we decided to go in early to go for a nice lunch and pick some things up. J made me double check my appointment card to make sure the appointment was at 1:40 and not a t 1:30. Uhhhm I was reading last months card and we had just missed my appointment by a half hour. I quickly called the office and explained we were two minutes away but my Dr had just left for her two week vacation. I missed her by 10 min. J was not to happy with me because all of us pregnant ladies know how uneventful the appointments are but J has never been home to hear the heartbeat. I felt really bad but he got over it after 5 minutes :)


  1. SUCH a cute bump!!! yeah, what is with the red dots? i have some too....never heard of that pregnancy symp?! anyway i have to laugh at myself when that groan escapes when i sit up from the couch or whatever, such an old lady! getting close huh lady! sorry j missed the appt, i guess that's pregnancy brain for ya.

  2. You look great! Glad you had a fun spa day!

  3. Awwww, you look fantastic!!!!!!!! xoxo A-


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