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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Naked fingers

So I have a little dilemma here. J and I searched high and low yesterday for wedding bands and could not find a thing.I think we will look into a local arts business for J's ring. I would love to support locally for my band, however I need a diamond band to match my engagement ring, a simple white gold would not match. You think this would be easy to find, but not so easy when your ring size is 3.5. Most companies won't make a diamond band smaller then a 4. This is probably why one of my diamonds popped off my engagement ring after I got it sized down. I am going to have to send my engagement ring back with my mom and grandma (who are arriving in an hour) so they can bring in my engagement ring and get a custom band to match in Manitoba. My ring finger is going to be nudie all summer! This is sad for an overly excited engaged woman.

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  1. I'm currently without my ring too! :( It's NOT fun!! LOL


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