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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Words Of Willow

W- Mama, I just want to rock and roll

Me- Thanks for going poop on the potty, I am so proud of you!
W- Welcome Mama, that was your Biidday peasant, a purple poop foe you.

W- Affer yunch I get to old my Soyah. His name is not my brudder, so I won't old my brudder. I old Soyah. Ooooooook?

Me- Oh boy, am I ever hungry
W- Ohhhhh ok, here mama, my boobies are heyah foe you (she lifts up her shirt)

Me- After your nap you can have a bubble bath
W- No thanks, that too wild foe me

Willow is now asking Why? Where? Because Why? after everything you say. I must have an answer for everything or she get's reeeeal mad.


  1. Have you seen there on instagram

  2. precious, so precious! they say the most amazing things! and her hair.. to die for!!


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