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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dear Sawyer, (4 Months)

Dear Sawyer,

You cut your first two little bottom teeth a couple of weeks ago. You were chewing on things a lot more but other than that you weren't fussy and then boom one tooth and the next day the other one poked through. These past couple of days you have been a wee fussy. You aren't napping unless you are in the carrier, stroller, or being driven around. I have a feeling we may even see a third tooth emerging soon. At this rate you are going to hit puberty by one. It's crazy that you are doing so much so early. If you were my first babe I would be so excited that you are popping teeth and rolling over. Instead it just makes me sad because you are growing way too fast. I am truly cherishing every second, time is flying. Slow down little buddy.

- You are wearing size three diapers and wearing 9 & 12 month clothes.

- You weigh 18lbs 5ozs

- You are the happiest, I repeat the happiest baby. I would say you are smiling 93% percent of the time, as long as you have napped and have a full belly! And you think everything is hilarious.

- you are not as sensitive to sounds as before. You are definitely used to your sisters random outbreaks.

- We call you sloth boy because you are pretty lazy and content

- You sleep for most of the night in your bassinet beside us. When you sleep you have to have your little bunny with a binky attached to it and blankies over your eyes. I am always worried you can't breath but you get mad at me when I move the blankets.

- You love playing with those adorable little feet of yours.

- You now have interest in toys and books.

- You love watching your big sis and pets. Willow is so good to you and wants to cuddle and sing with you all of the time. She calls you Soyyy-yah.

- If you haven't been held for awhile and get picked up, you cling on like a Koala. So ridiculously cute and cuddly.

- You have rolled over a few times now.

- You think your mom is hilarious. You are def a little mommas boy.

-You sleep from 7pm-3:00am, 3:30am-6:00am, 7:30am-10:00am, and 2:00pm-4:00pm

- You started swimming lessons and absolutely love the water. You are so chubby you float right to the top.

Every night I get a little bit sad when I tuck you into bed. I gaze at you for an extra couple minutes (in the most creepy, obsessive way) because every morning you wake up a wee bit bigger. If all babies were guaranteed to be like you I would have 10!


  1. I want to eat him up sooo sweet

  2. awww he sounds absolutely perfect and he is so so precious!!!

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