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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter Daze

I never wanted to have a baby in the winter because I was sure I would go absolutely insane. Serious props to all you new moms out there who live in a cold climate. I just need to be outside as much as possible! I had Willow in July so we were in the full swing of summer. Beach days, all day, every day... soooo gooood! We moved to Manitoba from Nova Scotia when Willow was 3 months and we got outside as much as the weather would allow us. I am so lucky that Sawyer was born on the west coast this winter as it has been an amazingly mild and such a sunny one. I feel that if I was stuck inside all day I would be a wee bit nutty right about now. I can be having a really hard day and I take the kiddies to the beach or out for a walk for the afternoon and my mood is instantly lifted.

We are going to Manitoba to visit family soon and it will be interesting to see how Willow reacts to the cold. She has turned into a real softy and will complain about the tiniest gust of wind. She is in for a real surprise!

(I forgot to post this at the end of January, whoops)

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