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Friday, October 31, 2014

33 Weeks Pregnant

Sorry baby, but posts about my pregnancy with you are a wee bit pathetic. I will try and blog your first year of life better :)

I have another appointment with my midwives next week and am looking forward to checking out the place we will call home next month.

Size: Baby is the same size as a pineapple. I am hilariously large.  Eating almost a full box of Halloween chocolates to myself is probably not helping this situation. Whooooooooppppsssss. I have gained close to 30lbs but I feel more like 60 extra lbs at the moment.

Symptoms: Still peeing my pants daily. It's only happened at home so far so it's not as embarrassing.

Yesterday, I was having some crazy contractions which left me in the fetal position on my bedroom floor. I only had two in a row, Dr. Jenna googled what to do in between contractions. And downing a whole whack load of water and laying on my left side seemed to help. I have had some light Braxton hicks today but nothing like yesterday. Thankfully Jon is home now so I have some help if need be.

My belly button didn't pop with Willow, but this time it is on the verge. My belly button is so huge right now, it looks freakish.

I am leaking some colostrum now. The boobies are getting ready to be ravaged.

Movements: This guys is strong! He is still very active and since he has grown so big he packs quite a punch/kick.

Mood: Getting sleepy again

Just over a month a way little fella. We can't wait to cover you with smooches and snuggles.

When I look at this picture I can't even believe it's me!

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  1. You look amazing! So gorgeous, seriously. He sounds like he's going to be quite a character just like his sister. Can't wait to see that little face, but don't come too early little guy!


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