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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Black Hills

We decided to venture off to South Dakota (thanks for the recommendation Mateya) for our girls road trip. Mom, Auntie & Miya picked Willow and I up at 11:30pm and off we went to start our 16 hour adventure. Mom thought it would be a good idea to start the trip at night so Willow would sleep better. That wasn't the case, she would fuss as soon as mom stopped at a rest stop to have a little cat nap. A couple good hours of sleep were fit in there somewhere!  I think our decision to start the trip at night made the trip a teeny tiny bit longer and more exhausting.

Oh and those darn gps' can't be trusted all of the time. We may have had to drive in neutral for a good while as our gas tank was totally empty and we were legit running on fumes. Whoops! We felt instant relief as soon as we would get on top of a hill and then anxiety all the way down haha. We took the wrong turn and there was not a gas station/town/home in sight. Nothing but some random cattle here in there. Luckily there was a farmer checking up on his land that could offer us some insight about where we were and where the next town was. Phewf! We coasted up to the next town only 10 miles down the road. It really wouldn't be a proper road trip without this happening.

We made our home base at a campground right outside of Rapid City. From there we did all of the touristy things we could do in the short week we were there. South Dakota is full of old history. I loved learning about all of the Native American people and imagining myself living off of the land. As well as imagining myself as an old bar wench in one of the old saloons waiting for my outlaw cowboy to come rescue me. :p My imagination was running wild.

 I was truly taken back by the beauty of Custer State Park. The park is huge with such beautiful countryside and so many animals! Heavenly. I definitely want to go back one day to visit the badlands and get some hiking in!

A lot of the towns at night made me kind of sad.  At one point they were booming with coyboys and miners. Now just the odd tourist here and there.

Willow didn't sleep to well. She clearly didn't want to miss out on a thing. Too much exploring to be done!

Thank You for the wonderful trip gals!! Willow and I had so much fun with you three xoxoxo

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  1. gorgeous! darin and i have spent some good time in the black hills, tracing history from deadwood down to pinewood reservation, and all around throughout those sacred mountains. i love the wildlife loop, think i've met some of those same burros! but i am dying to know where you saw the wolves? sorry willow didn't sleep well, but her little sleeping area sure looked picturesque with those cowboy curtains. what an amazing trip that you will never forget, now i am longing for a south dakota trip of my own. that is one of the places my whole family has discussed doing one of our summer road trip/camping trips!


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