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Monday, July 22, 2013

Dear Willow, (12 Months)

Dear Willow,

You are one whole year old!! It's kind of a strange feeling, we feel like we have know you our entire lives but we can't believe how fast this year has passed. We have had the most amazing year watching you grow. You have brightened up so many peoples lives and are loved so so so much.

We had such a fun Birthday weekend with you! Friday (your Birthday) we watched your Auntie/Cousin sing at Folk Fest with some family members. Saturday you hung out with your Grandma Ennis as we had a wedding to go to. Sunday we had family over for a lunch and you got so very spoiled with love and presents. Monday we went to the "lake" in your mama's hometown. 

At 12 Months:

- You wear size 12month and 12-18month clothing

- Size 3 diapers

- You weight 20lbs 8ozs

- Size 3 & 4 shoes

- You weaned yourself off of nursing. You just lost interest and would get distracted easily. You nurse occasionally in the early morning when you are extra fussy.

- You still have a great appetite. You want to eat what everyone else is eating and throw quite the fit when it is not shared with you.

- You love the water. Lakes, pools and baths!

- When you smile you smile with your whole face and squint your eyes

- You get quite a kick out of crawling into and under things. I foresee a lot of fort making in our future. Sweet!

- You get around really quickly though not walking yet. You can stand on your own for a couple of seconds

- You have four teeth. Two on the top and two on the bottom. Two more are cutting through on the top right now

- You are sleeping very well right now. Even when you spend the night at Grandma & Grandpa's! You still nap twice a day as well

- You point at everything and grunt as a way of communication

- Daddy loves to put you on his shoulders and hop around.

- You love to dance

- You love animals

- You squeel and make the funniest faces when you are excited

- Daddy taught you to headbutt and bite and you think it's hilarious. Mama doesn't think it's so funny

- You say mama when you are sad and dada when you are happy

- At home you are such a mama's girl

- You love books

- You are one curious kitten

- People tell you that you look like your Dad, Grandma Ennis and Uncle Tay. And have the same facial expressions as your mommy. Quite the mix haha

Auntie/Cousin Rhi Rhi made the mistake of coming close to this ice cream monster with her dessert.

I seriously cried my face off when I saw this giant cupcake of perfection. Thank You again Ashley.

Yay! Willow's One!

Willow clearly loved it


  1. Goodness gracious she is so cute! Doesn't that first year go by so quickly?!

  2. So cute!!! Love the photos of her and the GIANT cupcake. and she seems like such a good girl! :)

  3. Happy birthday willow! Love te pics!!

  4. Oh my goodness, Jenna, this post is so great! What a little cutie!
    That first picture of her biting into that giant cupcake is priceless. I love that she "smiles with her whole face and squints her eyes" (Zac also does this), and how sweet is it that she says dada when she's happy and mamma when she's sad?!
    My little guy is only 8 months and it's already getting harder to nurse him (he's SO distractible)... I hope to make it to 12 months as well.

  5. SHE IS SO ADORABLE!!! i love all these photos so much. Her little headband, dress, and umbrella in the first one make her look like quite the little exotic princess. she is just pure delight. again i am struck by so many similarities to lucy, not walking yet but standing for moments, loving to eat everything and demanding that you share with her, loving to dance and animals and the water, the list goes on! lucy is only 19 pounds 5 oz and she still sleeps well through the night but getting her to bed has been HORRIFIC! she fights bedtime like you wouldn't believe. we have to walk her/rock her in the ergo. the whole process is so delicate, she wakes herself up, gets all excited about something, and it starts over. it can take hours, literally! ugh. but at least once she's down it lasts all night, i have to remember it was just a month ago i was still nursing a couple times a night. lucy is almost completely weaned, just nurses once at bedtime still, and to be honest i'm not sure she's getting anything :) anyway i have LOVED sharing willow's first year here and all her adorableness, thank you!

  6. The massive cupcake was a great idea! I would like to invite you to enter my GIVEAWAY!!

  7. Happy birthday to beautiful Willow!She's gorgeous!!!


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