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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The First Day of Summer

We had such a fun day celebrating summer solstice yesterday (J had a great time minus the mowing of the lawn). The hot sun was a perfect touch to remind us summer is officially here, thanks mother nature. As J & I walked a long the beach we were pretty stoked to think that this will be one of the only summers we will both not be working and we will truly get to enjoy the season. I can't wait to introduce our babe to my most favourite place on Earth, the beach! We ended off the day right with some greasy food, a flurry and then went to our neighbors for a bonfire. WE LOVE SUMMER PS J just got back on Tuesday. I hadn't seen him in 5 weeks and he is now on paternity leave for up to 9 months yeeehaaawww!!! It has been a long 6 months of J traveling back and forth from Manitoba to Nova Scotia and it has tested both of our patience, but it's proven to be all worth it. It was starting to get depressing as we are only newlyweds and typically newlyweds get to spend every night with one another being cute and cuddly. We have a month of just us to be cute and cuddly until we have the babe :p.

J thinks it hilarious to take a pic of me peeing in the bush, he catches me every time. Being as pregnant as I am its hard to go for walks without a pee break. A girls got do what a girls got to do.

lol what a sex muffin

I chose to keep cool by just dipping my feet in the water


J making a little pool for Lily

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