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Monday, June 25, 2012

Feeling Groovy

J & I had a tiring but fun weekend. Friday night we went to the pub and stayed up way too late. Saturday J, Anne & Michee were volunteering for the triathlon so I volunteered to watch my fave little buddy Noah. We went for dinner and came back to our place to veg. I think because I was over tired from the night before I slept under two hours Saturday night. I got to cuddle with my buddy Noah again all morning, so that made me perk up!

Last night J and I both slept beautifully. We are going to dedicate this week to eating healthy and getting lots of walks in. I think this past week I made up for not eating out all winter. Barf.

 Maple, Lily, Timbit & I are so happy to have J back to join in our Monday morning dance parties. I will leave you with these beauty shots.

 Have a great week friends! xo
PS 24 days until D-Day!!


  1. Maple and Jasmine need to hang out - I see they rock the same dance moves!

  2. Monday morning dance parties?! Could your fam be any cuter?!??? I Love it :)

  3. Those pictures crack me up! :) I can't wait to see that little one!!!

  4. Hehe, love your pictures! Too cute! Loving your baby bump!


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