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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This post was from a year ago :0

By doing a solid insta creep 6 or so months ago, I found this girls account that I was immediately drawn to. She has four kids, two are twins and are just a month younger than Sawyer (I can't imagine having twins). She lives in Canada, her name is Jenna and she takes the dreamiest photos. I instantly hit that follow button. A week later she started following me back. We commented back and forth on one anothers photos and then I saw her post a photo of a beach I hang out at regularly. My instagram crush was in my town! She private messaged me and offered to take pictures of my babes, ummm yes please!!

The day of the eve we were supposed to meet up was a gongshow. So randomly busy and my kids were just getting over colds. Little did I know we were all on the verge of getting the flu. So naturally all of our vibes were just off. I debated cancelling but thought, my kids LOVE the beach and instantly light up as soon as their little toes touch the sand. So off we went to meet Jenna. 

Isn't it crazy how we can have internet "friends" who we haven't even met before but feel like we know everything about them? Kind of weird, but I like it. She was exactly how I thought she would be. Soft spoken, adorable, personable and so darn sweet. I just wanted to scoop her up and put her in my pocket. My kids, were not so sweet. After being on the beach for 20 minutes, meltdowns started happening so fast. I kept doing that nervous laughter, repeating "they are never like this",  so typical. But I really do have the happiest babes and they are the happiest at the beach. What the heck kids, get it together. 

Jenna snapped hundreds of pics in those first fifteen minutes and they all turned out so great! She is a master. Even when Willow was having her meltdown she got the sweetest shots. She sent me 98 pictures and it's so hard to narrow down my faves but here are a handful...

ps check out Jennas instagram accounts. So dreamy J_hobbs & hobbs_photo

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