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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Take Your Wife To Work

You know when you go for a work ride along with your husband and get to stay in their amazing work float house? You travel by boat for about an hour taking in all of the beautiful scenery. The eagles soaring past, the sea lions playing about, and that fresh air blasting you in in the face. You just feel so alive.

This place is hands down the most relaxing place I have been to. It is located in The Broken Group Islands and is freaking gorgeous. A floating cabin in a b-e-a-utiful bay with nothing around except water, trees, fishes jumping, birds singing, herons hunting and raccoons scavenging. Basically my heaven.   

Jon and his coworker left me at the cabin to go and do a patrol and I was able to fully relax. I haven't been able to do that in sometime and boy oh boy did it ever feel great! 

You must bring the necessities: cell phone (instagram), a book, sunglasses, camera, bathing suit, nail polish, and a skirt.

Waking up to this view ain't so bad

My Bathroom for number ones, luckily I wasn't to pregnant and I didn't fall in. There is an outhouse for number two's.


If you look closely you will see a raccoon on your left. The raccoon tried to actually steal the herons fish at one point.

Watching herons hunt is kind of my favourite


Picking out which beach I wanted to explore

J has the worst job EVER


  1. What a pure, pure DREAM. And I never realized how tall Jon is! You two nerds are too cute together.

  2. That location is stunning ! You are so fortunate to have Jay stationed in some of the most beautiful areas of Canada.


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