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Thursday, July 10, 2014

15 Weeks

Ooh it feels weird to be doing a pregnancy post again! The picture below is from a couple of weeks ago so I guess I was a couple of days shy of 15 weeks. I just started feeling better last week. This pregnancy has been totally opposite from my last, like night and day. With Willow I didn't feel too hot in my first trimester but this babe put me through the ringer. Barf, exhaustion, dizziness, terrible skin, crazy mood swings, and feeling absolutely frumpy. I have been a joy to be around I'm sure :o The one positive thing with this pregnancy is how at ease I have been. I haven't had any bleeding this time around which has left me feeling elated. No panicky tp checks every time I pee! 

Symptoms: exhaustion

Cravings: chocolate. For the first while chocolate turned me off but I am now back on it like a fiend.

Mood: a cranky biotch

Weight: I am not even going to focus on weight this time. I hadn't lost all of my weight from my first pregnancy so I am starting at a weight I am not totally stoked about. Just trying to eat healthy and the kids from work keep me active all day long. And let's not forget I come home to a very busy toddler. So I am living a pretty active lifestyle at the moment. I am thankfully not in Mat pants just yet :p 

Other: I was able to hear the babes heartbeat at 9 weeks and see it via ultrasound at 10 weeks. It made things so much more real so early on! We are so excited and grateful for this second babe!! 

 I haven't met my midwives yet but I secured a spot with them, woohoo! For now I am seeing my local doc:) I will do an up to date post tomorrow! 


  1. Congrats momma on baby #2! For the record I'm guessing boy, b/c I was sicker than a dog with Max! And with Lila it was smooth sailin:-)

  2. I bled the first pregnancy too! whew, scary stuff! i felt pretty similar but my nausea was a little worse second time around. I can't wait to find out what you're having. You look GREAT! I would never in a million years have guessed that you hadn't lost your pregnancy weight but not that it matters anyway. What matters is keeping up with the youngsters and you do great at that! xoxo sending lots of healthy happy vibes. second trimester is such a mood-lifter!

  3. Congrats! A toddler and building a baby is hard work, be kind to yourself


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