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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

There Once Was A Strawberry, A Buck, A Frog & Their Dogs

I hope that you have all recovered from all that candy binging over the weekend. I know that I have to get my butt on the treadmill ASAP because I had more than a couple of handfuls of Halloween treats. I am feeling extra squishy ;)

Sooooo I may have really gotten into character :) The others that were taken are far to embarrassing. 

Lily has gotten to chubby for her costume and poor Mapes doesn't even have one. We will have to do better next year 

I mean, how cute are these trick or treaters? 

This lil strawberry has discovered how sweet suckers are. She definitely has a full on melt down when we have to take it away. 

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  1. haha, lucy had her first sucker on halloween too! when she got all the way down to the tootsie roll part i was worried about her choking so obvs had to take it away...she lost it! we had to distract her quick! you guys all look seriously adorable. our babies are the perfect age to be the absolute cutest trick or treaters ever ever ever.


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