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Sunday, October 27, 2013

House Hunting Trip

We just got back from an oh so fabulous house hunting trip to our future home. We spent oodles of time exhausting our minds searching for the perfect nest to call home. There were definitely a couple of promising ones but we have also thought about building. It's pretty sweet to have Jon's work provide us with a house (with four bedrooms, so visitors are welcome right away) until we find a perfect match for us, waterfront no less!

It was nice to see so many playgrounds for Willow and I to hang out at. Every other block had a play park and their were so many moms trotting around town with their babes in tow. They just recently built a gorgeous community centre with a jam packed schedule with all sorts of activities for all ages. It's great to see that people are very active in their community.

When we weren't exploring the community we spent lots of time at the beach and enjoying the scenic  hikes the island has to offer. Ohhh and the smells, how I've missed that salty air. 

Needless to say I think we are going to be happy at our new little spot in the world.

So lush 
These ancient cedars were aaaaaahhhh-mazing
I love that this kid loves nature just as much as her parents

My feet were so happy 
The fog was so thick that our flight was delayed, we didn't waste our day at the airport. Instead found a sweet Provincial park to play in


  1. Im a little sad that you are moving when I'm heading up to Portage La Prarie in a few months. You'll have to send me a list of things to check out / do while I'm living up there! However, I hope you enjoy your new life adventure in BC!

    1. awww yeah, so sad!! How long are you going to be here for? We will be making lots of trips back :) Portage isn't all that exciting but there are lots of neat stuff around it to check out

  2. awww talk about getting big! little willow is running all over the place now! wild little nature girl looks like she could just set up camp in the driftwood teepee, she is just too adorable hanging out on the beach. and i can't wait to see your new place. i love it up there. you guys are going to have such amazing exploring to do! i look forward to more glimpses of all this natural beauty.

    1. We are so excited to be beach bums once again :) I hope all is well with your sweet fam and that your pregnancy is going well. I bet it is that much more exhausting having a little toddler running around

  3. LOVE all the pics! Best of luck on your move!!


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