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Thursday, November 8, 2012

In The Process Of Moving

J, Willow and I have had such a busy couple of weeks. We have made it to Manitoba safe and sound and are currently hanging out at my parents house waiting for all of our "stuff" & car to arrive. The travel day wasn't as chaotic as we had expected. We just felt really sad putting our pets underneath the plane. When they arrived to Manitoba they weren't even phased. They act like they own mom and dads place. Willow was a gem, she only fussed at the beginning of the first flight and than she slept pretty well the entire time. The first couple of days spent here was another story, she was pretty cranky from the transition but we had our happy babe back in no time.

Willow has met more people in this past week than she has in her short little four month old life. I was nervous that she was going to be overwhelmed with all of the new faces but she is loving every minute of it.She is one spoiled and loved little girl that is for sure.

Here is what the past couple of weeks have looked like...

I don't know what I am in for...

Enjoying our last evening in Ingonish

Where I walked pretty well every day

Our crazy ride to Halifax
Only a couple of people she has met these past few weeks...

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